Below are a few prompts that you can use to encourage your customers to join your loyalty programs:


1) Want to get exclusive deals from us? Join our loyalty program; it only takes a few seconds.


2) Hi! Are you a member of our loyalty program? It takes only a few seconds.


3) Hi! We have a loyalty program to express our gratitude to you as our loyal customer. Register now.


4) Would you like to join our loyalty program? We would love to stay in touch and send you amazing offers.


5) Want to earn points and get rewards with us? Our loyalty program check-in takes only a few seconds.


6) To show our gratitude to our amazing customers we have a loyalty program now. Would you like to register? It takes only a few seconds.


7) You can earn loyalty points and redeem them for amazing rewards. It takes only a few seconds.


8) We want to thank you for your business. Join our loyalty program and enjoy free rewards on us.


9) Our loyalty program is super simple. Just check in with your mobile number every time you visit us and let us reward you for your loyalty.

You can also download the "Key Customer Messages" document enclosed below to share with your team.