It is not an experience alien to any of us. We have all been there - right at the payment counter, looking through our wallets and then turning out our pockets, in vain - trying to find that elusive rewards card, as the cashier glares at us begging us to move and not hold the other customers. AirLoop solves this problem by allowing your customers to register their visit to your business establishment without the need to show you their plastic card and/or their paper punch card ever again. Instead, the customers just quickly keys in their mobile number, and then they are on their way. It’s incredibly user-friendly. You don't need to remember anything, a simple mobile phone number and and you’re done. We know that this is a game changer! 

So why get rid of the plastic? Is it just to change the form factor so  your customers don’t have to carry one more card in their wallet? While we do believe that customer's will appreciate not having to carry another card, focusing on the transaction alone does not do justice to the value of a card-less system. What you can give your customers with AirLoop is a new way of interacting with your customer, i.e. you can fundamentally change their full experience with your business, everything that comes before and after that transaction. Leveraging the mobile number that uniquely identifies your customers, the digital marketing and outreach component of AirLoop tethers together the in-store experience and your customer's offline access to your promotion and messaging, which makes our solution game-changing. That’s the benefit your customers are not not getting with your current plastic and paper based solution.

At the end of the day, much of the onus will be on you to make customers understand that a plastic or paper card is less convenient than AirLoop. With AirLoop, your customers don’t have the issue of navigating smart apps, limited battery life, losing/forgetting the card, WiFi access, or changing security standards. They don’t have to deal with all that technology and are still using something that everyone knows what to do with it. It’s not adding more weight to their wallet, it’s adding value to their experience with your business. We believe that AirLoop will breathe new life into your loyalty efforts. Try us today, there is no upfront cost to try!