SMS represents the most engaging way that businesses can interact with their customers. Significant benefits of using SMS are highlighted below:

1) 96% of smartphone users use SMS, with research showing that nearly all users on smartphones are highly active on SMS.

2) SMS marketing is 10X more effective, with research showing that SMS marketing coupons are redeemed 10 times more often than other types of redeemable coupons. 

3) SMS represents a huge waiting market, with research showing that over 80% consumers claim that they have not been marketed to via SMS by any one of their favourite brands. 

4) SMS can be used creatively for higher engagement rates, with research showing that response rates to personalized SMS based campaigns is in high 80%.

5) SMS is a better marketing delivery choice, with research showing that an average consumer receiving over 1000 emails per month compared to around 200 texts in a month. 

6) SMS has an over 98% received rate, with research showing that it is the highest for all possible marketing channels when compared to Twitter at roughly 30%, Facebook at roughly 25%, and email at roughly 20%.

7) SMS has almost 4 times the click-through rate as compared to an email, with research showing that SMS has an around 20% click-through rate compared to email at around 4% click-through rate.